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The Government of Illuminatia is a utopian direct democracy with elements of representative democracy, hints of bureaucracy, and indications of technocracy, a system that evolved from the central command of the Lucidus mission as the mission's survivors settled the new world. This government maintains full sovereignty over the Illuminatian people and the planet upon which they reside.

Survivors of the Lucidus mission decided upon the form the terrestrial government would take using a direct democratic process. The power of this direct democracy was held in check by a process of democratic agreement regarding the level of plurality or supermajority necessary to adopt resolutions and elections. As a result, the form, structure, and values of the Illuminatian government very closely reflect the intent of the Illuminatian populace on an individual and cultural level. The process of Illuminatian politics, therefore, tends to be more of a harmonious understanding among those who disagree rather than a struggle based upon power and division.

The Illuminatian government is structured into four overall top-tier divisions, known as ultrabureaus:

It is under these four ultrabureaus that a structure of bureaus and departments operate. The majority—though by no means all–of these government agencies fall under the Ultrabureau of the Executive. Furthermore, a secondary level of offices operates under most bureaus and departments. Illuminatia's assemblies form the system of legislative bodies that operate under the Ultrabureau of the Legislative.

Organizational subdivisions

The following is an incomplete list of the bureaus and departments of the Government of Illuminatia which operate under the four ultrabureaus:

In general, bureaus of the Government of Illuminatia have authority to make regulations and collect assessed revenue, while departments simply administer a designated division of services or outreaches. Most bureaus and departments oversee a further sub-divisional level of agencies, referred to as offices, which administer specific ongoing programs or initiatives.

Examples of these sub-divisional offices and their programs include:

Historical context from the Lucidus Mission

The central command of the Lucidus mission provided the foundation for a structure of cooperative leadership in Illuminatian culture once the to-be Illuminatians reached the ground and colonized Illuminatia. While the mission was under the executive guidance of the captains of the three Lucidus spacecraft, this authority was informed by and ultimately contingent upon the consent and cooperation of individuals occupying positions of competency overseeing the gamut of operational areas within the mission.

Leadership on the Lucidus mission was principally awarded to persons with the greatest knowledge or competency in a given area of expertise. Leadership based on this model was relatively stable and slow to change, as persons of authority in a subject or function tended to maintain a superior level of authority until retirement.

This structure was enforced largely through an ingrained culture of cooperation, which was highly functional aboard a space mission with a long term goal. Leadership on Lucidus effectively operated as a technocracy thanks to collectivist cultural values. Technocratic elements survived into the democracy developed on the surface of Illuminatia.

Establishing an Illuminatian government

Command-like control continued through the early phases of Illuminatian settlement, although cooperative leadership organically evolved into a democracy. Votes among leaders became increasingly common.

Government evolved very quickly upon settlement. The first quasi-governmental local and regional civic structures in Illuminatia appeared in within the first three AU of humanity's arrival on the planet. Official operations of the first transcontinental government occurred in AI 16 with the founding of Voston.

The Illumination leadership eventually developed an understanding that direct democracy with a bureaucratic technocracy overseeing the limited reaches of government would be less of a risk to the long-term survival of the Illuminatian branch of humanity, considering the increasing population of Illuminatia and the relatively forgiving environment of the planet relative to that of a spaceship.

Illuminatian government today

The Polling and Balloting Network is a technologically advanced system allows the population of Illuminatia to take part in a rolling direct democracy. Taking part in votes on resolutions is essentially an everyday part of life in Illuminatia.