Bureau of Bureaucracy Management

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The Illuminatia Bureau of Bureaucracy Management (BBM) is an agency of the Illuminatian government created under the bureaucracy of the Ultrabureau of Control (UBC) for the purpose of controlling the expansion of bureaucracy in the Illuminatian government.

As a part of the checks and balances over the rest of government emanating from the Bureau of Control, the Bureau of Bureaucracy Management helps control the creation of government agencies. The BBM was established early in the history of the continent's government after the first dozen of Illuminatia's bureaus, departments, and offices came into being, when government watchdogs began to fear that several dozen more government agencies might come to being in rapid succession without some sort of restraint on the development of the bureaucracy.

The BBM utilizes the power of the UBC to ensure that a supermajority of those with power in the government agree about the utility and efficacy of the agencies in question. The BBM combines the influence of government actors to decide the fate of agencies being established or whose funding is in question of being continued. The BBM can reduce or eliminate funding for any agency, assuming the appropriate level of agreement among a suitable number of people and entities in government.

Some government critics ridicule the Bureau of Bureaucracy Management's irony second only to the Department of Redundancy Department.