Office of Curriculum and Programming

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The Office of Curriculum and Programming (OCP) is a government office operating within the Illuminatia Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE). The OCP oversees all appraisal and evaluation of the quality and suitability of the instructional material, training and schooling programs, and pedagogy at all public and private educational institutions in Illuminatia.

The OCP ensures that the quality of the education received at all levels is consistent across Illuminatia's wide geography and that the subjects taught are standardized such that students anywhere on the continent might receive equitable opportunity for educational achievement and occupational prospect without respect to their geographic or socioeconomic background.

All schools, colleges, universities, institutes, and other places of education must meet the OCP's standards for the specific educational courses they teach and all of the instructional tracks they offer.

Curricula are managed at primary schools as well as at secondary and tertiary institutions of education like colleges and universities. The OCP also manages structured continuing educational and enlightenment programs at institutes of quaternary education for the benefit of Illuminatia's mature learners.