Bureau of Audit and Inspection

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The Illuminatia Bureau of Audit and Inspection (BAI) is an agency of the Illuminatian government operating within the Ultrabureau of Control (UOC). The BAI is tasked with a suite of oversight, scrutiny, assessment, and investigative functions that have the power to critically examine the functions of any government bureau, department, or office and set forth a means for correcting instances of corruption and misconduct. The BAI is a principal operative in the UOC's checks and balances mandate and is the primary government oversight watchdog and whistleblower.

The Bureau of Audit and Inspection enjoys a high level of independence from the four government ultrabureaus—including the UOC, under which the BAI is housed—and has the power to make assessments and decrees based on its own statutory authority. The BAI's independence is considered essential to maintaining the bureau's role as a legitimate arbiter of checks and balances over other government agencies, and that freedom is fiercely protected as matters of both government democracy and public discourse.

The BAI often employs the assistance of the Department of Malfeasance and Corruption (DMC) to expose government impropriety and misconduct during investigations. The DMC is one of only a select few governmental agencies allowed to instigate illegal and immoral activities.

The BAI is most visible when it is leading investigation into issues of dysfunction, unfairness, and abuse of power within the government. Public hearings and testimony are heavily covered in the media, often enjoying live televised and wireless broadcast coverage with transcripts promptly published in newspapers and magazines.