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The Illuminatia Office of Mate Matching (OMM) is a government office under the Illuminatia Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC). The OMM supports fertility efforts by operating the Illuminatian Match Making Service. The service matches pairs and other combinations of individuals of reproductive age and who have also reached the age of majority in such a way that those individuals might potentially work together to accelerate or decelerate the birth rate in their local area. The OMM operates this service in pursuit of the population regulation goals of the BRC.

The OMM maintains the Match Making Service as an extensive electronic catalogue of persons who wish to be considered for reproduction or other copulatory pursuits with one or more individuals who might be considered a match. Detailed data on individuals wishing to be included in the database is collected and verified before inclusion, including genetic and biometric information. The service then uses these data points to automatically include or exclude database members from the listings perused by others based on the subjects' fertility interests.

In addition to biological information, subjects utilizing the Match Making Service may also include details regarding their occupations, thought tradition affiliations, political affiliations, leisure pursuits, and a myriad of other personal details, all of which may be amended as much as desired.

The Match Making Service is by no means used exclusively as a method for utilizing reproductive potential. Persons are also free to utilize the service to entertain recreational copulatory pursuits—in fact, based on population regulatory needs, the BRC might incentivize persons in their use of the service for recreational purposes that have no risk of resulting in offspring. The complex and flexible nature of the database allows the service to make matches between more than two people—matches made among hundreds and thousands of individuals have been recorded for loosely-defined purposes such as bacchanal street parties.