Office of Necessary Aggression

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The Illuminatia Office of Necessary Aggression (ONA) is a government office operating within the Illuminatia Department of Peace (DOP). The ONA prepares, plans, and engages in assertive measures that further the DOP's objective of maintain peace and harmony among the Illuminatian populace and with its peers by engaging in purely essential and indispensable aggressive measures.

The ONA is intended to take the place of the government department which on Earth might been known as a Department of War or Ministry of Defense, however the ONA—like Illuminatian culture in general—is understood to have dispensed with the violent measures of aggression remembered from Earthly times of militaristic conquest.

The Office of Necessary Aggression is bequeathed its prerogative of minimal aggression so that the Department of Peace as a whole can focus on peacekeeping and other activities that do not involve hostility or belligerence. The ONA does not seek to engage in violent antagonism, but maintains a position of readiness in case some level of aggression or assertiveness becomes necessary.

The ONA maintains a reserve legionnaire which engages in assertiveness exercises, forcefulness training, and mock antagonism manoeuvers. The office stations these reservists and non-combatants in strategic locations about the continent of Illuminatia to ensure geographic proximity to events of unfortunate aggression that may or may not ever occur to guarantee expedient response. In compliance with the Department of Peace's mandate, the ONA is not known to manufacture or stock any anti-personnel weapons, armaments of mass destruction, or artillery stockpiles, and does not arm anyone with any such munitions.

The ONA remains prepared to counter hostility of a domestic nature originating from within Illuminatia's own populace, as well as threats that might originate from extraterrestrial or intergalactic sources—including from Earth—though these hypothetical situations have yet to occur.