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The Illuminatia Office of Gamete Distribution (OGD) is a government office under the Illuminatia Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC). The OGD supports fertility efforts in Illuminatia by collecting and holding human gamete cells at egg and sperm banks and then distributing these human reproductive cells via local fertility clinics. The OGD is responsible for Illuminatia's official egg and sperm collection and distribution services.

The Office of Gamete Distribution has a number of types of public-facing facilities as well as a collection of centralized gamete warehouses to aid in its augmentative role in furthering the Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation's population regulation mission. Gamete collection takes place at localized egg and sperm banks but sperm collection has also been common at masturbatoriums.

The OGD takes painstakingly thorough account of the origin of the reproductive cells it sources to allow for the utilization of the specimens in scenarios that allow for the greatest genetic diversity possible for the Illuminatian population. Extensive recordkeeping and careful administration of distribution allow the OGD to eliminate the risk of eggs and sperm provided by individuals who are relatives with too immediate of relation to one another from being utilized together. A policy involving geographic diversity is also utilized to assist in these efforts.