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Your consideration and respect for the value of intellectual property is appreciated. Thank you.

Illuminatia is okay with your sharing of this work to a private or semi-public audience in a purely non-commercial manner so long as such sharing in no way results in any profit, income, compensation or other exchange of items of value or other considerations taking place on your behalf, for others' benefit, or in the favor of anybody except the original author of Illuminatia as a result of or in association with the sharing of any version of this work.

Illuminatia would be really jazzed if you found creative inspiration in this work to such an extent that you are moved to create your own derivatives in some way based upon Illuminatia. Please let Illuminatia's author know about it if you do create anything based on this work—Illuminatia's creator would appreciate the opportunity to express the conditions and extent to which this work might be publicly shared and enjoyed by others. But Illuminatia would appreciate discretion in the sharing of these derivative works, as without prior consent, distribution of derivative does not fall within the bounds of Illuminatia's creative commons terms for this work.

Attribution in the form of unambiguous credit to Illuminatia as the source for this work and a hyperlink to when presented in an online or digital form or acknowledgement to the URL "" when presented verbally, in print, or other analogue formats in which a functioning hyperlink would not be possible is also a condition of the sharing of this work in part or in whole.