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The Illuminatia Department of Public Service Media Investment (DPSMI) is the agency of the Illuminatian government's Ultrabureau of Control that administers the distribution of revenue from the Receiver License and the Periodicals Circulation License, in direct financial support of Illuminatia's system of public service broadcasting and publishing.

The DPSMI is by far the largest source of funding for public/non-profit wireless and telekinephotography broadcasting and provides the majority of funding to local periodicals distribution systems. The DPSMI provides a function similar to that of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting of the early Earthly kingdom of America during post-modern-classical times.

The funding distributed by the DPSMR is supplied by the Department of Public Service Media Revenue (DPSMR), which is tasked with collecting the Receiver License tax and the Periodicals Circulation License tax from consumers annually.

The Department of Public Service Media Investment establishes standards and protocols for priority for determining the money that public service broadcasters and periodicals distributors receive. The DPSMI analyzes annual applications for the funding and then holds hearings to arrive at conclusions for each funding applicant. Funds are distributed on an annual basis, once every AU.

Traditionally, the majority of funding for public service broadcasters goes to the TI networks and their wireless and telekinephotography affiliates. The remainder of funding goes to other public service broadcasting networks and stations.

Funding for public service periodicals distributors tends to be distributed roughly proportionally to the population the distribution syndicates serve compounded by the number of publications they distribute.

Early in the history of Illuminatian broadcasting when the Bureau of Spectrum Management enacted legislation authorizing an independent agency such as the Department of Public Service Media Revenue to levy an annual tax on consumer electronics devices capable of receiving wireless and, later, telekinephotography broadcasts, the Ultrabureau of Control determined that the government agency collecting that funding should be separate and independent from the agency distributing the funds. Thus the Department of Public Service Media Investment was created with the sole purpose of distributing funds collected by the DPSMR as a result of Receiver License.

Later, as the DPSMR and the DPSMI formed an alliance to tax and fund distribution syndicates that circulate newspapers and other periodicals, the prerogative of the agencies expanded to public service print media funding. The Illuminatian government realizes efficiencies by combining the revenue collection for taxes on both electronic media reception equipment and print media delivery. It also allows the funding to be pooled together for distribution to public service media outlets on a fairer and intentional basis.