Department of Malfeasance and Corruption

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The Illuminatia Department of Malfeasance and Corruption (DMC) is the agency of the Illuminatian government responsible for identifying instances of corruption, impropriety, and other forms of misconduct in the government. Operating independently under the Ultrabureau of Control (UBC), the DMC uses covert tactics to expose governmental mischief on the institutional and individual level in efforts to inspire fairness and impartiality in government operations and dealings.

Problems in government exposed by the DMC are in turn handled by the appropriate agencies of the Illuminatian government, including the Bureau of Bureaucracy Management (BBM) and other agencies of the UBC, and also commonly by the Bureau of Punishment and Castigation (BPC). The consequences of the DMC's investigations are most often resolved through the Bureau of Audit and Inspection (BAI), which has the power to make decrees and assessments affecting other governmental agencies.

As with all bureaus and departments of the Ultrabureau of Control, the Department of Malfeasance and Corruption was incorporated sharing the ultrabureau's overall goal of ensuring the overall equity and balance of power in government. Understanding that the power residing in the various agencies of the Illuminatian government could make possible the malevolent use of that power, as was seen in historical accounts of most previous Earthly governments, the DMC was established to test the fairness and benevolentness of all government agencies.

The DMC uses secretive and covert tactics to expose various forms of corruption and intentional unfairness in governmental bureaus and departments. Often, DMC investigations involve planting personnel in other agencies of the government and, when corruption isn't readily detected, instigating various small acts of impropriety and misconduct in efforts to seduce personnel already engaging in these acts in secret to instead make these acts known to the DMC operatives. Being that the instance of corruption in Illuminatian government already enjoys only a minute rate of occurrence, the DMC is ironically known for being the single most prevalent mastermind of impropriety and misconduct in Illuminatian government.

Any victims of problematic practices originated by the DMC and its agents are awarded generous compensation in recognition of any losses or inconveniences that may have been experienced. This compensation can take monetary, karmic, or other forms, including the employment of governmental labor to correct the situation. The monetary form of this compensation is known well enough in Illumination culture that some people secretly desire and actively seek to be victims of governmental corruption at the hands of the DMC so that they can be awarded an untaxed windfall.