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The surface of the planet Neonisi.

Neonisi is a human-habitable planet located in a complex planetary system of at least two solar bodies and an unknown number of orbiting planets. Neonisi is the only known natural celestial body other than Earth to be settled by humans. Illuminatia is among the largest continental masses upon the surface of Neonisi. Neonisi is located some incomprehensibly substantial distance from the Earth. Direct observation of and communication with Earth from Neonisi is not presently thought to be possible.

Neonisi is toroidal in shape and spins about an axis extending through the planet's toroidal void. The planet's axis is oriented perpendicular to the planet's equators and polar circles. Neonisi's axial tilt of 30 degrees relative to a plane perpendicular of its orbit about its most proximate solar body approximately resembles that of Earth.

Humans discovered and inhabited the Illuminatia continent upon Neonisi as a result of the Lucidus mission. The surface of Neonisi was home to no known civilizations prior to human settlement and no intelligent or sentient creatures are known to have existed on the surface of the planet before the arrival of humans. This scenario provided the Lucidus mission an ideal "blank slate" for human habitation.

However, since settlement of the surface, humans have made observations that have fueled the hypothesis that a native population of small non-humanoid form of life is likely to exist deep below the surface of the planet and has predated humans on Neonisi by some extraordinary period of time. Observations and calculations suggest a population of a single species non-carbon-based anti-matter alien life form that has established an advanced subterranean civilization that has not expressed interest in communicating with any other life forms that may or may not exist upon the surface of their planet. Measurements suggest, however, that this population might use advanced elementary particle fields to communicate with similar civilizations on distant worlds. Illuminatian civilization as a result has formalized an already de facto policy of refraining from disturbing the deep interior of the planet below a depth of 200 KLU, beneath which it is theorized this hypothetical population must exist.

Neonisi has a hubward equator, rimward equator, northern polar circle, and southern polar circle. The planet's outer hemisphere is home to a rimward equator which experiences the planet's strongest annual insolation. The northern and southern polar circles receive the least annual sunlight of all regions on the planet. Within the inner hemisphere, the hubward equator receives the hemispheres maximum yearly insolation—approximately half that experienced by the rimward equator. The rimward equator crosses east-west across the Illuminatian continent's southern region; the southern half of the continent's western coast of the continent receives the most benefit of the increased potential sunlight due to climactic patterns. The northern polar circle crosses Illuminatia's northern regions.