Ultrabureau of the Judiciary

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The Illuminatia Ultrabureau of Judiciary (UBJ) is one of the four top-tier branches of the Illuminatian government. The UBJ contains the government's judiciary functions and is charged with carrying out hearings, enquiries, and tribunals for situations that require further examination in addition to that already provided within the bureaus and departments of the Ultrabureau of the Executive.

Situations that have been determined through decision, edict, hearings, or other proceedings in other government bureaus and departments can be appealed to a judicial body within the judicial ultrabureau. The chief judicial body of the Ultrabureau of the Judiciary is charged with making determinations in cases which set a universal precedent for the entire continent of Illuminatia.

The members of the judicial bodies within the UBJ are not elected. UBJ judicial bodies are self-perpetuating and are determined by existing members making up those bodies, with seats in these bodies subject to term limits. Membership in these judicial bodies is also governed by a slate of requirements and prerequisites by acts of legislation and Ultrabureau of Control action which vary depending on the judicial body, making the slate of potential members for any given UBJ judicial body somewhat predictable based on judicial qualifications. Members of the UBJ judicial bodies are non-partisan in relation to political party or political ideology and are not allowed to maintain membership in any political party or declare a defined political ideology.