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The Illuminatia Department of Climate and Meteorology (DCM) is an agency of the Illuminatian government responsible for the study of the planet's climate and environment. The agency is tasked with conducting climatic and atmospheric observation and meteorological forecasting for the purpose of benefiting the safety, welfare, and prosperity of the Illumination populace.

The DCM is Illuminatia's equivalent of a "weather service" or meteorological office.

Collection of climatic and atmospheric data became important immediately upon the arrival of the Lucidus mission on the surface of Illuminatia. Having only discovered the existence of the planet upon landing on it, humanity had engaged in no previous study of the atmospheric conditions here. Only rudimentary automated measurements determining the planet to be plausibly able to support human life were taken shortly before the Lucidus mission's decision to terminate upon the planet's surface.

The DRM is tasked with building and sharing a historical repository of atmospheric observations across the Illuminatian continent for the purpose of building climate data and adding to the overall understanding of the atmosphere of the new planet. Additionally, the DRM conducts meteorological forecasting for all locales on the continent at which humans reside, conduct business, or engage in scientific study or exploration.

The Office of Forensic Climatology (OFC) is the DRM sub-agency responsible for studying the past climate of the Neonisi in order to better understand long-term climatic trends and enable accurate weather forecasting and inform conclusions about the extent of human interference with the planet's natural environment.

The DCM's Office of Climate Information (OCI) manages the Meteorological Data Distribution Service (MDDS). The OCI is in the process of building a broadcast network for the purpose of more widely distributing meteorological observation and forecasting directly to the general public, similar to a government-run "weather channel." The OCI ambitiously intends to eventually make such a network accessible to 100% of the Illuminatian population.

Programs and services

The following is an incomplete list of the programs and services provided by the DCM: