Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation

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The Illuminatia Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC) is an agency of the Illuminatian government responsible for the regulation of the quantitative and qualitative properties of the Illuminatian population. In essence, the BRC carries out efforts in population regulation in the interest of the survival of the Illuminatian branch of humanity as well as the furtherance of the Lucidus mission.

In the present day, the BRC administers the incentive-based population regulation programs of the Illuminatian government. The BRC is responsible for programs that incentivize human mating, recreational copulation, self-pleasure, reproductive cell distribution, voluntary sterilization, and adoption. The BRC is instrumental in the operation of masturbatoriums in Illuminatia and an office of the BRC operates the Mate Matching Service.

Illuminatian population regulation work under the purview of the BRC evolved from the tight quasi-voluntary population controls instituted aboard the spacecraft of the Lucidus mission. Quantitative and qualitative controls on the population of the mission were necessary within the confined space and finite resources of the ships to ensure optimal demographics to encourage the maximum probability of the long-term survival of the mission.

The continuance of population regulation and the establishment of the BRC in the early days of human occupation of Illuminatia occurred out of the necessity to strongly encourage extreme levels of reproduction among the small Illuminatian population.

Programs and Services

The following is an incomplete list of the programs and services provided by the BRC: