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The Illuminatia Bureau of Commerce and Trade (BCT) is the agency of the government responsible for ensuring the fair and fruitful functioning of economic activity in Illuminatia. The BCT's areas of oversight include regulating commerce, overseeing consumer protections, administering fairness and honesty in matters of trade, and facilitating economic progress. The role of the BCT within Illuminatian government could be equated to being a hybrid of those of the Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission of the mid to late Earthly kingdom of America.

The Bureau of Commerce and Trade contains offices that protect intellectual property, monitor economic trends, evaluate various mechanisms of governmental interaction with the private sector, administer standards related to the trade of goods and services, register businesses and other non-person commercial entities, adjudicate disputes relating to honesty and forthrightness in business dealings and transactions, scrutinize the operations of gambling and gaming outfits, and analyze the level of power over the largest of corporations over the preservation of a free society.

The wing of the BCT engaging in activities that regulate intellectual property include the Office of Intellectual Property (OIP) and the Office of Illuminatian Identity (OII). The OIP has a broad mandate relating to most matters of intellectual property including trademarks, licensing, and patents. The OII's area of authority extends only to intellectual property relating to Illuminatia, the Neonisi planet, and the Lucidus mission including any identifying marks that might imply official authority of the government.

As a bureau within the Ultrabureau of the Executive (UBE), the BCT maintains power to take action upon commercial entities and others engaging in trade and to assess penalties or compel various remedies deemed to be in the public's interest.

Offices within the Bureau of Commerce and Trade: