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The Illuminatia Bureau of Natural Resources (BNR) is an agency of the Illuminatian government responsible for controlling the extraction and trade of natural resources obtained from Neonisi, Illuminatia's planetary home. The BNR collects revenue from that extraction and monitors and maintains environmental quality. The BNR is tasked with protecting the flora and fauna found throughout Illuminatia and around the Neonisi planet.

The natural resources contained from Neonisi are understood to be a finite resource and therefore are considered to be property of the people collectively, and as a result are managed by of the Illuminatian government under democratic processes derived from the people collectively. The BNR as an agency was democratically determined to operate as a partial technocracy to ensure the most environmentally responsible decisions are carried out despite the forces of democracy.

Revenue collected from industrial operations benefiting from the responsible extraction and manipulation of natural resources accounts for a significant proportion of the income funding the operations of the Illuminatian government. These funds directly benefit the people of Illuminatia by virtue of being property of the people collectively.

Accounting for extracted natural resources throughout the lifecycle of the raw material as it is incorporated into end products and as it subsequently changes hands is a highly documented pedantic process. The value, quantity, and makeup of the material in a product, whether consumer goods or bulk raw material, is recorded in association with information regarding possession at every transaction into a public database administered by the BNR.

Natural resources derived from Neonisi are never considered personal property under ownership of any individual regardless of whether the resources are in the form of raw materials or finished consumer products. Natural resources are merely considered under possession of an individual but ultimately of belonging to the people of Illuminatia. This philosophy extends to land itself, which also cannot be owned or wholly purchased, per se—only occupied.