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The Office of Demography (OOD) is a government office under the Illuminatia Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC). The OOD is responsible for collecting and analyzing all demographic data and vital records in Illuminatia, including documentation of commencement and termination of life events from the Office of Life and Conception and the Office of Death and Dismemberment, as well as other qualitative data in regard to the population.

The Office of Demography's most significant undertaking has been the execution of the 250 AI Census. The office is acclaimed for running a census with 100% reporting and 100% accuracy in recording every single individual in Illuminatia. The OOD plans to perform the 300 AI Census sometime soon.

Seeing that the Office of Demography keeps a very precise record documenting births and deaths in Illuminatia in accordance with the population regulation efforts of the BRC, the numbers tallied by the censuses performed by the OOD are never any great surprise and are essentially a confirmation of the running population tally that's already being maintained.

While the Office of Life and Conception and the Office of Death and Dismemberment process all Application for Life Commencement Event forms, Registration of Life Commencement Event forms, Application for Life Termination Event forms, and Registration of Life Termination Event forms, the ODD collects and organizes the data from these records and then assembles reports and arranges more advanced demographic reports using this raw demographic data.