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The Illuminatia Ultrabureau of Control (UBC) is one of the four top-tier branches of the Illuminatian government. The UBC is tasked with acting as a primary keeper of checks and balances over the other three governmental branches—the Ultrabureau of the Judiciary, the Ultrabureau of the Legislative, and the Ultrabureau of the Executive. The UBC serves an audit function over the other ultrabureaus' bureaus, departments, and offices. The UBC also serves the functions of ombudspersonship, communication, and facilitation on behalf of the people of Illuminatia. Additionally, the UBC has a supplementary legislative function.

The Ultrabureau of Control's auditing authority gives the bureau the power to keep watch over the actions of the other tiers of government. Potential disagreement about the power or responsibility of agencies or individuals operating under other branches of government are resolved by taking the dispute to the UBC. The UBC also maintains bureaus that scrutinize the functions of other governmental agencies and has the authority to rectify instances of misspending, malfeasance, and unfairness. Investigation and oversight into government operations is carried out primarily by the Bureau of Audit and Inspection (BAI), while covert in-depth investigation into government mismanagement is carried out by the Department of Malfeasance and Corruption (DMC).

The Ultrabureau of Control's communication authority serves a bidirectional purpose in relation to the Illuminatian citizenry. The UBC's Department of Public Information (DPI) provides information regarding the workings of government to the island's inhabitants. Meanwhile, the UBC also maintains a Department of Ombudspersonship (DOO) to facilitate communication from citizens to their governmental officials. The communications offices of the DOO work on behalf of anyone who wishes to petition the government or otherwise communication to elected or appointed governmental personnel.

The Ultrabureau of Control's seldom-used role in Illuminatia's legislative process comes into play when the assemblies of the Ultrabureau of the Legislative pass legislation that is rejected by the Ultrabureau of the Executive (UBE). An alternative path to final approval for such legislation is possible when a tribunal adjourned from members of both the UBC and the Ultrabureau of the Judiciary jointly approves the legislation in lieu of the UBE's endorsement in what amounts to a type of veto override.

The Ultrabureau of Control is known for being more lightweight as a bureaucracy than the other government branches. The UBC interfaces with the structures of Illuminatian government with a nimble efficiency unimaginable until the advent of Illuminatian civilization and it communicates with the people of Illuminatia more effectively than any government on Earth was known to do.

The Ultrabureau of Control is most visible when it is investigating issues inside the government. It also maintains a high profile among informed popular culture by funding the independently-operated TI broadcasting networks, which are among Illuminatia's most-consumed electronic media outlets. TI is required to produce and disseminate content that serves the public interest and necessity and is held to high ethical and editorial standards.

Organizational subdivisions

The following is an incomplete list of the bureaus and departments working under the Bureau of Control: