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Essential Background

The above articles provide an introduction to the historical context of Illuminatia, establishing the chronological beginning of the story and providing initial reference on this civilization's cultural background.

New Articles

Illuminatia is a fictional nation-continent situated upon the world of Neonisi, an improbable planet of an equally fictional nature located some incomprehensibly substantial distance from Earth in an unknown galaxy far outside the Milky Way. Illuminatia was settled by humans who alighted upon the planet at the culmination of the Lucidus mission, a long-term intergalactic expedition originating from Earth tasked with finding a habitable celestial body for humanity to inhabit.

The original settlers of Illuminatia very much unintentionally found this previously unknown planet after an unexpected problem aboard the Lucidus spacecraft that terminated the mission well before the anticipated conclusion to the voyage.

The Illuminatian continent and its associated landmasses are politically united under what is effectively a nation, administered by a government controlled by a direct democracy that contains elements of representative democracy, meritocracy, technocracy, and bureaucracy. The Illuminatian government extends its jurisdiction universally to all persons inhabiting any portion of the new planet. This governmental unity is a consequence of the original plan for the Lucidus mission, which prescribed not only the type of governance that would be established here but also strongly advised that such a sovereign structure would govern all inhabitants of Neonisi and that no partitioning of nations would occur in this new civilization. The political seat and capital of Illuminatia is the city of Voston, although the government's numerous agencies are all based in various cities about the continent in efforts to avert any potential geographic concentration of power.

Map of Illuminatia

Illuminatia is an expansive continent, with a handful of major outlying islands, three dominating mountain ranges, and ocean basins that split the eastern third of the continent into large peninsulas. The continent also contains extensive central plains, a southern desert, northern alpine forests, and a system of rivers flowing in a variety of trajectories. The continent has heavily populated regions concentrated into seven defined conurbations, which a majority of the population of this new world call home.

Before human habitation, the surface of the world of Neonisi and the Illuminatian continent were previously devoid of any detectable intelligent or otherwise sentient life, which was an ideal situation according to Lucidus mission guidelines. These directives sought to, at all expenses, avoid interference with any existing civilizations—a philosophy contrary to historical Earthly human conquests.

Current hypotheses suggest that the flora and fauna found inhabiting Illuminatia upon human arrival were likely a cross between creatures evolved from life forms carried aboard the Lucidus mission and simple organisms indigenous to the newfound planet—a conclusion which itself has evolved over the course of the development of Illuminatian civilization. Animal life of a seemingly alien origin discovered intermingling with slightly more-familiar beings of Earthly origin near to the Lucidus landing sites were later discovered to be complex locomotive meat plant creatures that evolved primarily from Lucidus-originated flora that had seeded the planet prior to human arrival.

Illuminatia is now a fully-established civilization with millions of inhabitants, evolved civic structures, a comprehensive educational system, sustainable energy and resources production, a fair and equitable economic structure, effective population regulation, intricate transportation and urban infrastructure, progressive cultural institutions, and a free and independent media ecosystem.

The Illuminatian civilization benefits from the lessons provided by Earth's history and enjoys a clean slate, delivering an optimistic, cooperative version of humanity. On balance, Illuminatian culture could be described as a utopia, which was very much the plan of the original mission that settled this planet.


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