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The Illuminatian legislative process is the mechanism within Illuminatia's Ultrabureau of the Legislative (UBL) by which proposed legislation at the continental level becomes the law of the Illuminatian government. The legislative process utilizes democratically-determined levels of plurality, majority, or supermajority to determine the progression of legislation through the three houses of the UBL's tricameral legislature.

Legislation that is continental in scope has two possible entry points for consideration by the UBL's legislative bodies. Legislation may be proposed by the Primary Assembly or the Paramount Assembly.

Legislation introduced via the Primary Assembly must receive a simple majority vote or other agreed-upon level of plurality or majority before being passed up to the Ancillary Assembly for final legislative consideration with the same majority requirement. The Primary Assembly is the lower house of the UBL; the Ancillary Assembly is the upper legislative house.

Legislation may also originate via the Paramount Assembly, which works parallel to the Primary and Ancillary assemblies and does not maintain a position above or below any other house of the legislative ultrabureau. Legislation may be introduced and passed unilaterally in the Paramount Assembly without approval from either the Primary or Ancillary assemblies, but only with a supermajority vote in Paramount Assembly exceeding 75%. Failing that, legislation may also pass from the Paramount Assembly with a lesser majority or plurality vote, but can only be approved with a supermajority vote in either the Primary or Ancillary assemblies. In this configuration, the Paramount Assembly can serve both to introduce legislation and also to provide the point of final legislative approval. Alternatively, the Primary or Ancillary assemblies may also serve as the point of final legislative approval.

The only house in which legislation cannot be introduced is the Ancillary Assembly. The other two houses may introduce legislation. All three houses may provide final legislative approval, depending upon the path the legislation took through the UBL.

After final approval by the legislative bodies of the UBL using any of the aforementioned channels, accepted legislation is traditionally forwarded to the Ultrabureau of the Executive (UBE) for final consent by Illuminatia's chief executive(s). Legislation approved via the appropriate UBL legislative processes but rejected by the Executive can instead be overcome with approval, jointly, in both the Ultrabureau of the Judiciary and the Ultrabureau of Control.

This legislative process elegantly illustrates the effectiveness of both a tricameral legislature as well as the checks and balances afforded by a four-branch government.

Local legislation that is limited in scope to individual municipalities or geographic districts is considered exclusively by Illuminatia's Tertiary assemblies.