Office of Copulatory Trades

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The Illuminatia Office of Copulatory Trades (OCT) is a government office operating within the Illuminatia Department of Labour Relations (DLR). The OCT facilitates the oversight and administration of programs and procedures that ensure safety and fair labour practices within the copulatory trades industries.

The outreach and dispensation of services of the Office of Copulatory Trades focus on copulatory tradespeople and the labour unions that represent them. The OCT provides services that encourage on-the-job safety, fair compensation, and employment protection for copulatory artists and other masturbatorium workers who are employed in the provision of recreational copulatory services, reproductive and fertility services, and population control work.

OCT administration and enforcement efforts focus on copulatory trades employers to ensure compliance with Department of Labour Relations regulations and adherence to Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC) policies and regulations. The OCT engages in a high level of inter-agency coordination with BRC offices such as the Office of Gamete Distribution (OGD) and the Office of Recreational Copulation (ORC) because of the complex and delicate nature of the implications of copulatory trades work with relation to Illuminatia's population control and fertility capacity.

The OCT also provides outreach to copulatory trades customers to ensure safe professional copulatory experiences and to ensure customers comply with the policies and guidelines of the BRC and its offices in relation to the obligations placed on consumers of copulatory services as well as members of the reproductive-capable population in general.