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The Illuminatia Ultrabureau of Executive (UBE) is one of the four top-tier branches of the Illuminatian government. The UBE is home to the vast majority of the Illuminatian government's bureaus and departments, including most of those units that are responsible for the everyday execution of various governmental functions. The UBE is the center of Illuminatian governmental bureaucracy.

Rather than utilizing one chief executive, the Ultrabureau of the Executive is led by a five-member chief executive committee called The Quintumvirate. Members of The Quintumvirate are appointed by other elected and appointed leaders of the government's three non-executive ultrabureaus.

Unlike many early Earthly governments and somewhat unlike the command aboard the Lucidus mission, the body leading the executive ultrabureau in Illuminatia holds no extraordinary level of power and executes a mostly secretarial or clerical role.

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Understanding that placing a single point of leadership power in the hands of a single person could place that power in a precarious position, the original Ludicus mission designers decided instead to craft a leadership structure for the top ranks of the mission that placed power in the hands of a committee of equals leading a bureaucracy to which decisions and power are delegated. This leadership structure is the basis upon which Illuminatia's Ultrabureau of the Executive was expanded and from which its bureaucracy evolved. This structure is echoed in the government's other ultrabureaus.

Unlike many governments of the Earth's early eras, leaders in the UBE are appointed with consideration based on experience and knowledge in specific areas of expertise rather than via popularity, political coercion, or monetary considerations.