Office of Assessment and Placement

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The Office of Assessment and Placement (OAP) is a government office operating within the Illuminatia Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE). The OAP operates the Occupational and Instructional Productivity and Placement System (OIPPS), the education bureau's system of educational attainment assessment, educational assignment, and occupational and career placement.

The OAP is responsible for ensuring persons seeking educational experiences are able to find a course of education catering to the individual's aptitudes, skills, and personal interests within the institutional options available to them within their geographic constraints. The OAP also responsible for ensuring all persons acquiring credentials from a public educational institution receive placement in an occupation or further educational pursuit that is matched to their qualifications, achievements, and skillset.

It is thanks to the OAP, its advanced assessment system, and its relationships within the Illuminatian economy that graduating students are assured a 100% placement rate within a suitable career upon completing their course of education at any public institution of primary, secondary, or tertiary education.

Persons pursuing a private education are offered participation in the OAP's placement system only under selective circumstances, and even then the pupil may only receive partial consideration. Those who opt for a private education instead must generally compete in the open employment marketplace, where they must interact with individual employers and attempt success based solely on their individual merits and personal marketing skills. Those graduates from this background who cannot fully participate in the placement system are at a disadvantage on average, but also have the chance to be placed into positions to which they would otherwise not have access.