300 AI Census

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The 300 AI Census is anticipated to be the second comprehensive counting of citizens of Illuminatia. The 300 AI Census will be conducted by the BRC's Office of Demography (OOD).

A second census so soon—a mere 50 AU—after the original census, which was not undertaken until 250 AI after the original discovery of Illuminatia, became necessary thanks to the feverish birth rate Illuminatia continued to experience after the 250 AI Census. This rapid expansion of the Illuminatian population, undertaken to ensure the secure establishment of this branch of humanity, caused the OOD to petition for a second census to assure proper and accurate accounting for the continent's full population.

Authorities plan for the procedure used for the 300 AI Census to be identical to that used for the 250 AI Census. The estimated population documented by the 300 AI Census is projected to reach over 190,000,000 people, based on previous census data in combination with commencement and termination of life event documentation collected by the BRC's Office of Life and Conception and Office of Death and Dismemberment and organized by the Office of Demography.

The expected dramatic ballooning in Illuminatia's population will be the result of highly successful population regulation efforts by the BRC, specifically its campaign to accelerate the birth rate to a tempo never before seen in human history. It is understood that the BRC will decelerate the birth rate to a more manageable speed after the 300 AI Census confirms population growth expectations.