Department of Ombudspersonship

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The Illuminatia Department of Ombudspersonship (DOO) is an agency of the Illuminatian government operating within the Ultrabureau of Control (UOC). The DOO provides a mechanism through which citizens may communicate with their government, serving as the government's official listening post. The DOO's companion agency within the UOC is the Department of Public Information (DPI), which provides official outbound communication often in response to inbound communication from the DOO.

All communications from citizens submitted through the Department of Ombudspersonship are considered certified and sanctioned as democratic governmental communication and carry the weight of an official communication of the constituents. The DOO is led by the Ombudsperson of Illuminatia.

All agencies of the Illuminatian government under all four branches of government are required to officially respond to all incoming communications that are channeled through the DOO. Meanwhile, government offices, departments, and bureaus generally utilize the Department of Public Information to field official return messages generated in response to incoming DOO communications and often heavily rely upon the DPI to assist in producing and relaying these communications.

Communications relayed from the citizenry to the government through the Department of Ombudspersonship may be mediated through any number of textual, graphical, or aural means but all enjoy the same equitable legitimacy. Every communique submitted through the DOO is certified with a positive identification of the specific citizen who generated the message, demonstrating that any given communication is a genuine message from a real Illuminatian citizen and was not in any way automatically generated, produced by a corporation or group of any sort, submitted by an extraterrestrial person or entity, or influenced by a non-human entity such as a corporation or political action organization. The integrity of democratic discourse and the petitioning of the government is safeguarded by the DOO's process of verifying the authenticity of all official inbound communications, greatly diminishing any unbalanced influence corporations, political parties, or aliens might have upon the government's legislative, judicial, and administrative functions.