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Annual Unit Illustration.png

The Annual Unit (AU), is the official Illuminatian unit used to refer to the interval of time that passes during which the planet of Neonisi completes one revolution about its primary and nearest solar body.

One AU equals about 216 Circadian Units, a natural cycle breaking convention with Illuminatia's customary division of units of measure into decimal increments.

The average Illuminatian wakes up and goes to sleep 108 times in one AU. Although the direct comparison is not known for certain, it is believed that the Illuminatian AU equals approximately 126 Earth days, or just short of one third of an Earth year.

The annual units process significantly faster in Illuminatia thanks to the planet's quick orbit about its most proximate sun, but Illuminatians prefer it that way. Lore passed down from generation to generation instilled the understanding that Earthlings felt the years on Earth were much too long and spoke of the longing Earthlings felt waiting for each season to come around again. Illuminatians enjoy many more circuits about their sun during an average Illuminatian human lifetime than Earthlings could have ever hoped for, which is understood to contribute to greater life satisfaction and, by extension, a longer lifespan.

Anno Illuminatia

References to a specific date in history, or a current date or future date, will be stated in Anno Illuminatia (AI). This refers to the number of AU that have passed since Lucidus survivors landed on the surface of Neonisi. A date in Anno Illuminatia format can be written by placing the Annual Units elapsed since 0 AI ahead the decimal, counting from zero. The number of Circadian Units (DU) elapsed within that AI is then written following the decimal place, again counting from zero. The 0th AU AI commenced on the date the first Lucidus survivors landed in Illuminatia.