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The Illuminatia Office of Death and Dismemberment (ODD) is a government office under the Illuminatia Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC). The ODD manages enrollment for and coordination of life-ending events as well as pre-registration of voluntary fatal and non-fatal dismemberment experiences in accordance with the population regulation objectives of the BRC.


The BRC's strict accounting for Illuminatia's population requires a meticulous registration scheme for all commencement and termination of life events. The ODD is tasked with recording and cataloguing all termination of life events that take place among the Illumination population, while the Office of Life and Conception accounts for all events leading to the commencement of a human life in Illuminatia.

The Office of Death and Dismemberment plays an important role in registering anticipated deaths and confirming that these termination of life events have in fact taken place on schedule, in the location arranged, and in the manner anticipated.

All persons anticipating a death in the near future are required to apply for their death in advance with the ODD by filling out an Application for Life Termination Event form. Essentially all voluntary applications for the termination of a life are approved by the ODD, although many times they are only approved with certain conditions. Not all applications for an involuntary termination of life event are necessarily granted. Applications for an authorization for an involuntary termination of life, in the event the subject anticipating death is incapacitated before finding the opportunity to make voluntary arrangements and is unable to manage the bureaucratic maneuvers independently, are generally filed by medical caretakers, end-of-life aids, and occasionally family. Also certain other governmental agencies, such as the Bureau of Punishment and Castigation, may submit an involuntary termination of life form in relation to the scheduling of a corporal destruction ceremony on the behalf of a condemned person. After a confirmed death, persons close to the matter, deceased excluded, are expected to fill out and submit a Registration of Life Termination Event form, confirming and attesting to the details of the death, in a timely manner.

The ODD also serves as the default agency responsible for verifying the details relating to the cause of death in all life termination events, in order to corroborate any inconsistencies that might lead to persons or entities being found liable for any given life termination event or associated suffering or inconvenience.

Individuals are asked to categorize their anticipated life termination event in several ways, including whether the event will be voluntary or involuntary. Persons expecting death must also register whether the death will be self-administered or whether instead the experience will be managed by a third-party. Documentation sufficiently affirming consent to the death is required in all situations involving a voluntary death or a modification of death-related events that differs from what might otherwise be natural. Third parties administering life terminating experiences are required to register as agents of death. Under the exceedingly rare situation that a person might experience an unplanned, spontaneous, or unintentional death, immediate family members or persons witnessing the termination of life event are required to notify the ODD of the death and provide the relevant information as soon as is practical.


Thanks to modern medical advancements in Illuminatia, dismemberment is no longer necessarily a life-ending event. However, dismemberment continues to be considered a serious medical condition requiring immediate medical intervention.

Once a dismemberment ceased to become a reliable cause of death, voluntary dismemberment experiences from purveyors such as the Society for Recreational Decapitation became a recreational endeavor pursued by the most radical of thrill-seekers. While this newfound freedom to pursue new heights of excitement and adventure was generally welcomed in Illuminatia's fairly progressive society, governmental interests dictated that these dismemberments be carried out in the safest way possible.

To prevent unwanted and unexpected death due to dismemberment, the BRC expanded the Office of Death into the Office of Death and Dismemberment. This extension of scope allowed the agency to oversee the coordination of all dismemberment events to increase safety and prevent unexpected life termination occurrences.

A dismemberment requires a rapid response with medically stabilizing procedures, therefore the ODD requires all dismemberment events to take place within close proximity of a medical facility offering advanced reattachment, rememberment, recapitation, and life support capabilities. It is highly illegal for a voluntary dismemberment event to take place in locales that lack immediate and reliable access to a hospital or similar facility. As a result, the recreational dismemberment clubs that organize, carry out, and provide venues for curated dismemberment experiences tend to be located near hospitals.

The most popular forms of recreational dismemberment now include the sudden removal of one or more limbs as well as decapitation. Recreational disembowelment and extracurricular immolation are also experiencing a recent surge of interest among the Illuminatian dismemberment circuit.