Office of Recreational Copulation

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The Illuminatia Office of Recreational Copulation (ORC) is a government office under the Illuminatia Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC). The ORC supports population regulation efforts by providing voluntary control mechanisms that balance normally-high fertility rates in Illuminatia.

The Office of Recreational Copulation administers Illuminatia's expansive network of public masturbatoriums. These facilities provide reproductive education, health support, and free and low-cost copulatory services, among other amenities. The ORC also provides some funding and oversight for privately-run masturbatoriums.

The ORC maintains a higher presence in population centers where measures need to be employed to encourage the growth in population to decelerate. The ORC tends to have a minimal presence in places where other BRC agencies are engaging in work to increase the instance of fruitful reproductive activities.

The Office of Recreational Copulation generally distributes literature and supplies that encourage copulatory activity that does not result in reproduction. Persons who are incentivized by the BRC to refrain from reproducing tend to receive a significant proportion of their subsidized income from the ORC. The ORC continually, but non-invasively, assesses households accommodating people who are incentivized not to procreate to ensure and verify a lack of successful reproduction.

The ORC is actively involved in the promotion of same-sex copulatory activity and non-opposite-sexed relationships, as persons pursuing these endeavors have been shown to maintain a very low rate of reproduction.