Office for the Prevention of Pauperization

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The Office for the Prevention of Pauperization (OPP) is a government office operating within the Illuminatia Department of Poverty Prevention (DPP). The OPP is responsible for the government's efforts in averting the potential for people to become wholly reliant on social support provided by the government's various agencies.

While the DPP coordinates assurance of the equity of the distribution of Monetary Unit funds by other government bureaus, departments, and offices, the OPP monitors this coordination to ensure direct and indirect government support of individuals does not get out of hand. While Illuminatian government contains a strong social element, it has also been understood to be on the social interest to avoid letting individuals become completely reliant on government support in the long term as a norm or as a widespread basis in society as a whole, as a commonality in any given geographic area, or as a prevalent condition among any specific cultural group or subgroup.

The Office for the Prevention of Pauperization is meant to serve as a check on its parent agency to ensure that government support does not systemically represent the entirety of personal income for any identifiable demographic of citizens.

The OPP was created as the Illuminatian government's system of subsidization, remuneration, and incentivization became advanced and grew in complexity. Illuminatian political and social forces demanded such programs as a humane way of regulating behavior while promoting social cohesion, community responsibility, and individual liberty. With the creation of the DPP and its position as a clearinghouse for checks and balances on the policies and regulations dictating government support and incentives, it became clear that a further institutional safeguard would be necessary to counteract any natural tendencies for the government to play too large of a role in the economy.

The existence of the OPP is not intended to circumvent the temporary, short-term provision of significant support for any given individual, as the situations are numerous in which such is the direct intent of a government agency. The OPP is primarily concerned with situations in which such provisions of support become a norm in the long term or in such a way as the situation might risk categorically representing a social group. The OPP, however, is also not intended to be utilized as an affiliate of capitalist forces that might seek to diminish the role of government in the interactions of wealth and community behavior.