Für Elise

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Für Elise, Illuminatia
Location of Für Elise in Illuminatia


  • 1,086,752 (250 AI Census)
  • 2,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Rank: 13

Demonym: Für Elisian

Primary trading partners: Beethoven, Mozart, Harmony, Greensleeves, Julie Ann

Für Elise is the largest city situated on the Ludwig van Channel and is one of the major cities contributing to the Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex. Für Elise occupies a thin strip of steep land on the western shore of the channel, wedged between the mountains of the Lucidian Range to the west and the Ludwig van Channel to the east. Across the channel to the east is Für Elise's island-bound companion city, Beethoven, with which the city forms a quasi-metropolitan region and a tightly-knit trade and media market.

As of the 250 AI Census, Für Elise had a population of 1,086,752 residents, making it Illuminatia's 13th-largest city. A primary settlement city, Für Elise has experienced significant growth since the first census and it is estimated the city will have a population over 2,000,000 by the 300 AI Census, or an increase of approximately 230% over 50 AU.

Für Elise is predominant in the medical research and innovation industries and is also significant in the culinary and food manufacturing industries. The city is home to some of Illuminatia's leading infirmaries and sanatoriums and many of these facilities are leaders in human medical research and experimentation. Für Elise is recognized as the headquarters for the Society for Recreational Decapitation and is famous as being the location where the safety guillotine was invented. Für Elise's dominance as a culinary power is thanks to the city's proximity to the unique agricultural assets of Ludwig van Island.

Für Elise is served by two prominent local newspapers, The Observer and the Overly Honest Insight. Für Elise shares its hometown sportsball team, the Ludwig van Douchenozzles, with Beethoven, where the sportsball club is located. The Douchenozzle's represents the two cities in the National Sportsball League.

Für Elise and its nearby twin Beethoven form the third leg of a trifecta of metropolitan areas settled by the third multiversal duplication of survivors from the Lucidus III ship. Für Elise was the second of three multiversal duplications of Lucidus III survivors located by expedition forces from east-central Illuminatia. The proximity of Für Elise to and its existing communication connection with Harmony allowed the expeditions to confirm Für Elise's existence and helped contribute to the speed of Illuminatians' understanding of the multiversal nature of their reality.

Für Elise was settled by multiple, densely-spaced landings of a portion of the modules from the Lucidus III ship, which accounts for this city's relatively strong base population base. The two other cities settled by occupants of the same ship include Overture and Symphony.

Für Elise was named in honor of an ancient Earthly classical music composition.