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Symphony, Illuminatia
Location of Symphony in Illuminatia


  • 2,863,769 (250 AI Census)
  • 5,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Rank: 8

Demonym: Symphonian

Primary trading partners: Adagio, Symphony, Requiem, Cadence, Melody

Symphony is the largest city on Illuminatia's southern coast and is the continent's eighth-most populous city. A primary settlement city, Symphony is the anchor city of the South Coast Megalopolitan Complex.

Symphony is situated upon the mouth of the River Sinfonia where it empties into Symphonic Bay at the bay's most interior point. The city combines a dense urban landscape with an also-dense suburban cityscape.

As of the 250 AI Census, Symphony had a population of 2,863,769 residents. The city has experienced significant growth since then and it is estimated the city will have a population over 5,000,000 by the 300 AI Census, or an increase of approximately 190% within 50 AU.

Symphony is a major center for the financial, insurance, scientific, and education industries. The largest of the city's educational institutions is the College of Symphony. Symphony is the base of several of Illuminatia's largest financial institutions, and the region is a hotbed of scientific research and innovation. Much of the work surrounding efforts to resume space exploration and reestablish communication with Earth occurs here.

Symphony is served by two prominent local newspapers, The Herald and The Happenings. The city is home to the popular regional grammar policing organization Intensive Purposes, Inc. Symphony is represented in the National Sportsball League by the Symphony Wanketeers.

Symphony was settled by the second multiversal duplications of people from the Lucidus III ship, forming a third leg of the trifecta of metropolitan areas settled by survivors from that ship. Early in Illuminatian history, Symphony was the site of the first instance in which expedition forces from east-central Illuminatia located a third multiversal duplication of Lucidus survivors. The Symphonians were indeed that third observed multiversal contact. This contact was a breakthrough moment in Illuminatian history and Illuminatians' understanding of the multiversal nature of their reality.

Symphony was settled by multiple, densely-spaced landings of a majority of the modules from the Lucidus III ship, which accounts for this city's strong base population and explains the city's position as one of Illuminatia's largest cities today. The two other metropolitan areas in Illuminatia settled by occupants of the same ship include the city of Overture and the metropolitan area anchored by the cities of Für Elise and Beethoven.

Symphony, like many of Illuminatia's largest cities, finds the origin of its name in musical terminology.