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Beethoven, Illuminatia
Location of Beethoven in Illuminatia


  • 799,712 (250 AI Census)
  • 1,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Rank: 17

Demonym: Beethovonian

Primary trading partners: Für Elise, Mozart, Greensleeves, Harmony, Brahms

Beethoven is the largest city located on Ludwig van Island, and is the second-largest city situated upon the Ludwig van Channel. Beethoven is one of two anchor cities of the Für Elise-Beethoven metropolitan region. A primary settlement city, Beethoven is Illuminatia's 17th-largest and is one of the major cities contributing to the Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex.

As of the 250 AI Census, Beethoven had a population of 799,712 residents. The city has experienced significant growth since then and it is estimated the city will have a population over 1,000,000 by the 300 AI Census, or an increase of approximately 210% within 50 AU.

Beethoven is a moderately compact partially-urban, partially-suburban city Situated on the eastern shore of the Ludwig van Channel, the waterway which separates Beethoven from the continent-bound city of Für Elise to the west, Beethoven shares with Für Elise a strong economic link based on proximity, shipping connections innate to the two cities' geography, and interdependence as a function of being similarly-sized cities. The two cities are oftentimes considered to be a part of the same trade and media market.

Beethoven is predominant in the agricultural, food manufacturing, and maritime industries. Due to the city's location on the large Ludwig van Island, the city is a hub of water-bound transportation and is necessarily significant in the shipping industry. The island's unique flora and fauna make it a destination for agricultural and food products which can't be found elsewhere. The dominant newspaper in Beethoven is The Universe. The Ludwig Coinery is among the city's major banking institutions. Beethoven is represented in the National Sportsball League by the Ludwig van Douchenozzles, a hometown team with a fan-base shared cross-channel with Für Elise.

Beethoven and its nearby twin Für Elise form one leg of a trifecta of metropolitan areas settled by multiversal duplications of people from the Lucidus III ship. While Für Elise, being on the mainland, was discovered first by expedition forces from east-central Illuminatia, Beethoven wasn't far behind and contact with the Ludwig van Island half of the region confirmed the nature of the wholeness of the mutliversal duplications for the sake of Illuminatians' understanding of the whole fiasco. The two other cities settled by occupants of the same ship include Overture and Symphony.

Beethoven was settled by multiple, densely-spaced landings of a portion of the modules from the Lucidus III ship. While the Beethoven area did not see as many modules as nearby Für Elise, the population base allowed Beethoven to grow significantly.

Beethoven was named in honor of an ancient Earthly composer of classical music.