Society for Recreational Decapitation

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The Society for Recreational Decapitation

Society for Recreational Decapitation Logo.png

48 Therese Malfatti Avenue, Für Elise

Industry: Advocacy

Entity type: Non-profit

Product: Research, technology development, dismemberment services

Revenue: 290,020μ/AU

The Society for Recreational Decapitation is a non-profit organization based in Für Elise that advocates for and supports recreational dismemberment activities related to the voluntary non-therapeutic removal of the head from the human body as a leisure pursuit. The society falls under the authority of the Office of Death and Dismemberment (ODD)as a result of the organization's involvement in dismemberment activities that, under the right conditions, have the potential to result in death or other forms of permanent incapacitation.

The society is Illuminatia's most successful dismemberment advocacy organization. The society is known for being responsible for the invention of the safety guillotine.

The Society for Recreational Decapitation actively engages in decapitations and carries out the activity purely for recreational purposes. This distinguishes the society from other organizations that support and engage in decapitation and other forms of dismemberment for therapeutic medical purposes or for the purpose of self-planned voluntary permanent termination of life events.