250 AI Census

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The 250 AI Census was the first comprehensive counting of citizens in Illuminatia. All living humans who were a member of the Illuminatian branch of humanity at the time of this census were counted irrespective of location, social status, or hair color.

This census used extensive resources and technological measures to ensure 100% reporting and, as a result, 100% accuracy in counting every individual Illuminatian citizen at the break of the 250th AI.

The 250 AI Census counted a total of about 90,000,000 citizens. We're not entirely certain exactly how many it counted yet and this number is just an estimate, as the census is still tabulating the results. A final count will be disclosed within this article once an exact number has been nailed-down.

This census was executed by the BRC's Office of Demography.

The findings of this census, despite being the first actual census the Illuminatian government bothered to execute, were no surprise, thanks to population regulation efforts by the BRC, which resulted in very tightly controlled birth rates and very precisely documented birth and death records. The BRC's Office of Life and Conception and Office of Death and Dismemberment document commencement and termination of life events with a high level of accuracy and the data is compiled in a database which keeps a very tight accounting of the actual population.

The next comprehensive census of Illuminatian citizens will be the 300 AI Census.