Safety guillotine

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Safety Guillotine Illustration.png

The safety guillotine is a fairly recent Illuminatian invention, developed to provide a safer experience for those choosing to undergo decapitation.

Prior decapitation methods utilized in Illuminatia left some of the process up to chance, which proved problematic for people wishing for the decapitation to be temporary and non-terminal. It provided some anxiety for those hoping to survive the experience. Utilization of the safety guillotine for recreational decapitations reduces the incidence of medical complications such as Repetitive Decapitation Syndrome, which can be debilitating and occasionally fatal if not addressed properly.

The rise in popularity of recreational decapitation among the most hard-core of thrill-seekers accelerated calls for a method that assured, to a greater degree of certainty, the safety of the person undergoing the decapitation procedure.

The stall in development of the traditional guillotine in 20th-century Earth, when the device fell out of favor, meant there remained a certain level of refining that needed to be accomplished before the device could be employed widely among recreational circles in Illuminatia.

The Society for Recreational Decapitation in Für Elise led the initiative in the development of the safety guillotine. The organization is now an avid user of the device and decapitation enthusiasts from across Illuminatia travel to Für Elise thanks to the widespread opinion that the society provides a superior, exclusive decapitation experience.