Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex

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Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex
Location of the Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex in Illuminatia

Approximate population:

  • 11,000,000 (250 AI Census)
  • 17,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Principal cities: Harmony, Greensleeves, Für Elise, Beethoven, Mendelssohn

The Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex is a collection of major cities and metropolitan areas centered around Brookeview Bay and the adjoining Ludwig van Channel in eastern Illuminatia.

The population of the megalopolitan complex exceeded 11 million people as of the 250 AI Census and is estimated to surpass 17 million people at the 300 AI Census, making it the third-largest of Illuminatia's conurbations.

The megalopolitan complex is anchored by Harmony and secondarily moored by the twin-city duo of Für Elise and Beethoven. Other major cities contributing to the region include Greensleeves, Mendelssohn, and Shostakovich. The region benefits economically from a relatively close proximity to the Randall Bay Megalopolitan Complex, with strong trade, media, and cultural ties to its southerly neighbor located across the Timmons Range.

The region surrounding Brookeview Bay grew from settlements sparked by numerous landings from the Lucidus mission. Original settlers in the region almost exclusively came from the third multiversal duplication of Lucidus survivors from the Lucidus II and Lucidus III ships. The concentration of Lucidus survivors from these two ships largely in the Brookeview Bay region contributes to a highly cohesive cultural identity here.

The cities of the Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex are somewhat more geographically detached from each other than is seen in most of Illuminatia's other megalopolitan complexes. The cities and metropolitan regions of the complex are split among the southern shore of Brookeview Bay, the northern shore of the bay, and the cities along the Ludwig van Channel. Harmony and Mendelssohn are planted at the point where the two shores of the bay come together. Greensleeves is the dominant south shore city; Für Elise and Beethoven co-anchor the Ludwig van Channel leg of the complex; and smaller cities such as Pachelbel, Lewishire, Allegretto, and Telemann form the north shore portion. The Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex is approximately contained within the intermountain region bounded by the Lucidian Range to the northeast and by the Timmons Range to the southwest, though the Ludwig van Channel portion of the conurbation partially infiltrates the Lucidian Range.