Third Multiversal Duplication

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'Third Multiversal Duplication

An map illustrating the extent of the population descended from the Third Multiversal Duplication of Lucidus survivors.

The Third Multiversal Duplication refers to the population of one of the three multiversal duplications of the survivors of the Lucidus mission who originally populated the continent of Illuminatia. The Third Multiversal Duplication settled in primary settlement cities broadly spread throughout the northern and eastern regions of the continent. This region of Illuminatia continues to be predominantly populated by descendants of the Third Multiversal Duplication, though migration has blurred this distinction.

The Third Multiversal Duplication can also be used to refer to the land occupied predominantly by descendants of the Third Multiversal Duplication. These lands in northern and eastern Illuminatia extend from the predominantly coastal primary settlement cities to include regions around the secondary and tertiary settlement cities that were founded by the original settlers and their offspring.

The region occupied by the Third Multiversal Duplication is bounded to its west by the Transilluminatian Range, to the southeast by the Timmons Range, and in between these two ranges to the south by an ambiguous border traversing the land that separates the generally north-flowing River Marlene basin and the generally south-flowing Adamopolitan River basin. Explorers originating from the primary and secondary settlement cities of the Third Multiversal Duplication lost their inertia as they reached the headwaters of the River Timmons and stopped creating new settlements. Meanwhile, the explorers from the First Multiversal Duplication never reached further than the areas adjacent to the Adamopolitan River and its tributaries before reducing their settlement activity, and therefore the regions remained relatively exclusive.

Serenade is the largest city within the Third Multiversal Duplication. Other important metropolitan areas in the Third Multiversal Duplication include Sonata in the north, and Harmony, Mozart, Für Elise, and Beethoven in the east. The Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex, Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex, and the Wolfgang Amadeus Megalopolitan Complex all reside within the bounds of the Third Multiversal Duplication.

The city of Voston, while it is adjacent to both the interior lands of the Third Multiversal Duplication and the First Multiversal Duplication, is considered to be predominantly populated by neither group. Voston was chosen as the capital of Illuminatia and settled in its inland location intentionally to avoid placing the continent's governmental power center within the lands of any particular multiversal duplication in efforts of avoiding any real or perceived bias or favoritism toward any population.

Since all three multiversal duplications were copies of essentially the same original people who crewed the Lucidus ships, cultural differences between the populations are minimal. Any observable differences between the Third Multiversal Duplication and its peers that can be generalized to the whole region occupied by the multiversal duplication at large and averaged between metropolitan populations can be attributed merely to geographic considerations such as climate and topography.

The region of the Third Multiversal Duplication was home to the Northern Commission on The Anomaly, an early governmental committee established exclusively to provide representation to the perspective of the population of the Third Multiversal Duplication relating to The Anomaly in a vacuum of the other two multiversal duplications.

The protolucidian sub-language of Demilucidian sees its usage almost exclusively within the bounds of the Third Multiversal Duplication in northeastern Illuminatia. The Protolucidian Major sub-language also sees much of its heaviest usage within the territory of the Third Multiversal Duplication, particularly throughout the Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex and the northeastern shore of Randall Bay.