Tertiary education

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Tertiary education is the second level of non-mandatory higher education in Illuminatia. A tertiary education refers to the advanced level of research and exploration-based scholarly education that occurs beyond the acquisition of a secondary education degree. Possession of a secondary degree is required for one to pursue a tertiary education.

Tertiary education occurs at universities and is often highly specialized in nature. Universities are lauded for their limited number of advanced education and research specialties and therefore students pursuing a tertiary education are selective about the universities that they attend and base their decision on their preferred area of study.

The tertiary educational degree roughly compares to the master's or doctoral degrees of most modern western Earthly education systems. Tertiary education can also include credentials that might equate to the post-doctoral level of research, depending on the educational institution and the field of study.

Tertiary education is funded publicly by the Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE). The BEE also oversees the standards and practices of tertiary educational institutions and their instructional and research programs.

Following graduation from a tertiary educational institution, a student will have the highest level of formal education possible in their chosen field. As a result, students are well-equipped for career placement in the highest positions of leadership in corporations and organizations pursuing management, guidance, and governorship for their institutions. Most professional researchers in Illuminatia have acquired a tertiary education.