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Sonata, Illuminatia
Location of Sonata in Illuminatia


  • 1,835,603 (250 AI Census)
  • 4,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Rank: 9

Demonym: Sonatanian

Primary trading partners: Serenade, Lark Ascending, Nocturne, Ave Maria, Mozart

Sonata is the second-largest and northernmost major city in Illuminatia's Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex. Situated on the eastern coast of the Anglo-Hungarian Bay, Sonata is Illuminatia's ninth-largest city.

As of the 250 AI Census, Sonata had a population of 1,835,603 residents. The city has experienced significant growth since then and it is estimated the city will have a population over 4,000,000 by the 300 AI Census, or an increase of approximately 250% over 50 AU.

Sonata is a dense partially-urban, partially-suburban city situated at the most northern extent of the Anglo-Hungarian Bay. Sonata is a leading center in the arts and cultural industries, known for its renowned art galleries, museums, performance venues.

A site of a handful of landings from the third multiversal duplication of the Lucidus I ship, Sonata is a primary settlement city. The multiple landings at this site following the Lucidus termination event allowed Sonata to grow at a faster rate than primary settlement cities seeded with only one landing.

Sonata, like many of Illuminatia's largest cities, finds the origin of its name in musical terminology.