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Newspaper publishing in Illuminatia is a thriving industry thanks to Illuminatia's voracious cultural appetite for media consumption and the access to information, enlightenment, and entertainment that mass media such as newspapers provide. Printed newspapers form the bedrock of Illuminatia's system of mass media.

This intensity of media consumption and the high level of literacy that it suggests is a societal trait that without doubt was influenced by the selective nature of the original crew of the Lucidus mission. These highly-educated predecessors were the direct ancestors of Illuminatia's present-day population and irrefutably helped build a society of people who seek out mediums for discourse and cultural exposition.

The well-schooled and civically-involved populace of Illuminatia stimulates a culture that is inclined to consume a high volume media, feeding a newspaper industry that in turn maintains ample resources to invest in an elaborate system of journalists and creators.

Local and regional newspapers are a primary trusted information source for Illuminatians, alongside wireless and telekinephotography broadcasting. Major cities in Illuminatia are normally served by at least three competing major daily newspapers in addition to other minor outlets. Most significant cities are also served by at least one non-profit newspaper. Many newspapers founded local broadcasting stations and maintain involvement in the operation of wireless or telekinephotography stations or networks.

Newspapers, somewhat contrary to the early modern trends experienced on Earth, are physically printed on paper and reach most of their readership in the physical form, rather than through some sort of electronic means. Newspaper publishers print their broadsheets on an ecologically-friendly organic paper-like substance grown sustainably from a flora known as the Papershrub. Almost all newsprint is recycled for further use in other paper products. The paper that newspapers are printed on is fully biodegradable in Neonisi's environment and actually contributes to biological fertility when it is deposited in the ground, as all newsprint contains nutrients and seeds that will sprout new Papershub plants when exposed to favorable conditions.

Almost all newspapers employ a local periodicals distribution system to manage the distribution of the physical newspapers on a daily basis. These local distribution systems are funded by the Periodicals Circulation License and act as a common carrier and a public utility for the benefit of newspaper publishers and their readers. Most of Illuminatia's oldest newspapers were involved in the establishing of local periodicals distribution systems in their localities.

Some of the most-read and most highly-regarded newspapers in Illuminatia include the Adamopolis Times in Adamopolis, Vos Valley News in Voston, the Rhapsody Tribune in Rhapsody, and the Serenade Chronicle in Serenade.