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Primary education is the most basic and fundamental level of education in Illuminatia. This level of education is intended to prepare Illuminatian inhabitants for the most essential knowledge and skills necessary for participation in Illuminatian society. Participation in and acquisition of a primary education is compulsory for youths until they reach their age of majority. All youths are entitled to a primary school education for the entirety of their pre-adult lives for however long it may take for the youth to attain their age of majority.

Primary education is intended for developmental learners who have not yet become adults. Primary education is provided locally by local schools and academies; lessons are presented by professional tutors and teachers. This level of education is comparable to the elementary, grammar, comprehensive, middle, and/or high school education of most modern western Earthly education systems.

Upon graduation from primary education, an Illuminatian can expect to have acquired sufficient knowledge and proficiency to pursue a career with compensation within five percentage points of the median Illuminatian annual income or to successfully commence a secondary education at a college or university.

The Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE) is the governmental agency responsible for funding and regulating primary education in Illuminatia. Nearly all institutions of primary education are public entities; those which are not are non-profit entities which still receive BEE funding and are subject to BEE oversight. Some primary educational outlets provide lessons via remote means. Under no circumstance is home-schooling possible or acceptable.

After one's acquisition of their personal age of majority, a pupil will graduate from their primary education. They will then be free to pursue a secondary education at a college or university or to cease their formal education and receive optional assistance with occupational placement commensurate with their level of education and proficiency achievement levels.