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Disassociated Press

Disassociated Press Logo.png

32 Mexico Avenue, Sonata

Industry: Journalism, non-profit

Product: News reporting

Revenue: 1,800,000μ/AU

The Disassociated Press (DP) is a national non-profit agency that provides news reporting and other journalistic content as a service to newspapers, wireless broadcasting stations, telekinephotography broadcasters, and other media outlets that require a deeper or broader coverage of national news than what they can provide with their own resources. The DP is based in Sonata but has bureaus with reporters and editors located across the Illuminatian continent.

The Disassociated Press was established by a consortium of non-profit newspapers in northern and western Illuminatia, primarily in the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex and the West Coast Megalopolitan Complex. As the newspaper industry in Illuminatia swiftly developed, local newspapers particularly in these northern and western regions discovered they needed more resources to adequately report national news for their readers. These newspapers often perceived they were neglected by dominant news services, which were mostly based in eastern Illuminatian in the Randall Bay Megalopolitan Complex and the Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex. The dominant news services of the early Illuminatian journalistic industry were observed as exhibiting a not-insignificant bias toward coverage of news in Illuminatia's eastern cities at the expense of coverage of the issues of western and northern Illuminatia.

The newspapers that established the DP originally shared reporting with each other on an ad hoc, mutual basis. Before long, this sharing system evolved into a formal network. While the major non-profit newspapers of cities like Sonata, Serenade, and Rhapsody were the early leaders in establishing the DP, the network grew to include both non-profit and for-profit newspapers.

Disassociated Press member newspapers are now located continent-wide. Newspapers pay an annual membership fee as well as a fee that is calculated based upon the amount of news they utilize from the DP. A discount from the utilization fee is calculated based upon the amount of news the newspapers themselves contribute to the content pool. The DP earns revenues 1,800,000μ/AU primarily through subscription fees from member news outlets.