Lark Ascending

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Lark Ascending, Illuminatia

Location of Lark Ascending in Illuminatia


  • 929,321 (250 AI Census)
  • 2,000,000 (300 AI estimate)


  • 14 (250 AI Census)
  • 15 (estimated)

Demonym: Ascendant

Primary trading partners: Serenade, Sonata, Nocturne, Tchaikovsky, Harmony

Lark Ascending is a major city located on the Anglo-Hungarian Bay at the center of Illuminatia's northern coast. Lark Ascending is the third-largest population center in the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex and is Illuminatia's 14th-largest city.

A primary settlement city, Lark Ascending had a population of 929,321 residents as of the 250 AI Census. The city has experienced significant growth since then, but likely not enough not to be eclipsed by Birdland as Illuminatia's 14th-largest city by the 300 AI Census, when it is estimated Lark Ascending will acqiore a population over 2,000,000, or an increase of approximately 220% over 50 AU.

Lark Ascending is the industrial powerhouse of the north of Illuminatia, with a fledgling aviation and avionics industry. The city is home to a lot of the manufacturing and industrial development not as openly welcomed in nearby Serenade. As a quasi-satellite city of Serenade, the larger megalopolitan complex is able to benefit from the industry that takes place here while Lark Ascending mutually benefits from the institutions and natural wonders so competently preserved in this region.

The city is home to two major institutions of secondary and tertiary education, including the University of Excess Knowledge (UEK) and the Illuminatian University of Science and Industry (IUSI). ISUI is the larger of the two institutions, attracting students from across Illuminatia interested in the university's science focus. UEK is a primary destination for local secondary students and is known for its geology and Neonisian sciences programs. The primary newspaper in Lark Ascending is the Lark Ascending Forum. The Illuminatian Liberation Army is a quasiparamilitary organization based here.

As with all of the north central coastal region of Illuminatia, including Serenade and Sonata, Lark Ascending was settled by members from the third multiversal duplication of the Lucidus I ship. At least two modules from the ship landed in the vicinity of Lark Ascending and settled a combined city here, giving the municipality a head-start on its population building.

Lark Ascending was named in recognition of the musical work by an ancient Earthly composer of classical music and probably owes much of its avian civic imagery to this association.