Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex

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Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex

Location of the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex in Illuminatia

Approximate population:

  • 11,000,000 (250 AI Census)
  • 19,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Principal cities: Serenade, Sonata, Lark Ascending, Tchaikovsky, Les Préludes

The Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex is a collection of major cities and metropolitan areas emanating from the coastal region lining the Anglo-Hungarian Bay in north-central Illuminatia.

The population of the megalopolitan complex exceeded 11 million people as of the 250 AI Census and is estimated to surpass 19 million people at the 300 AI Census, making it the second-largest of Illuminatia's conurbations.

The megalopolitan complex is anchored by Serenade. Other major cities contributing to the region include Sonata, Lark Ascending, Tchaikovsky, Les Préludes, Swan Lake, and Liszt. The region has the advantage of a serene natural environment dominated by tall forests and meandering rivers. As a result, the cities in this region tend to benefit from the tourism trade related to the throngs of visitors who flock to this region for an escape.

The Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex grew from a cluster of settlements sparked by landings from the Lucidus mission targeting points along the perimeter of the Anglo-Hungarian Bay. Original settlers here came from the third multiversal duplication of Lucidus survivors from the Lucidus I ship.