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Nocturne, Illuminatia
Location of Nocturne in Illuminatia


  • 639,568 (250 AI Census)
  • 1,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Rank: 22

Demonym: Nocturnite

Primary trading partners: Serenade, Sonata, Lark Ascending, Rhapsody, Ave Maria

Nocturne is one of Illuminatia's northernmost major cities, occupying a narrow strip of land between a chain of snow-capped mountains of the Transilluminatian Range and the coast of Illuminatia's massive northwestern island, along a snowmelt-fueled river gushing cold waters into the Nocturne Bay. The largest city on the northwestern island, Nocturne is Illuminatia's 22nd-largest city.

A primary settlement city, Nocturne had a population of 639,568 residents as of the 250 AI Census. The city has experienced stable growth since then and it is estimated the city will have a population over 1,000,000 by the 300 AI Census, an increase of more than 160% over 50 AU.

Nocturne is a major tourism destination for Illuminatians looking to frolic amongst the snow-covered mountainous terrain surrounding the city. The city is also a notable base of operations for some of Illuminatia's major thought traditions. Nocturne has a sizeable publishing base thanks to the region's popularity as a retreat and hideaway for temperamental fiction authors who find the surroundings inspirational.

Nocturne is a primary settlement city settled by a handful of landings of the third multiversal duplication of survivors from the Lucidus I ship, putting the northwestern island on the map as one populated primarily by the descendants of these settlers.

Nocturne finds the origin of its name in musical terminology.