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Adamopolis, Illuminatia

Location of Adamopolis in Illuminatia


  • 9,659,598 (250 AI Census)
  • 14,000,000 (300 AI estimate)

Rank: 1

Demonym: Adamopolitan

Primary trading partners: Rhapsody, Serenade, Anthem, Overture

Adamopolis is the most interior port city situated on Randall Bay and is the Illuminatia's most populous city. A primary settlement city, Adamopolis is the continent's predominant economic and cultural center. Adamopolis a principal city of the Randall Bay Megalopolitan Complex.

Adamopolis is a dense urban city situated at the point where the Vostonian River and the Adamopolitan River intersect and empty into Randall Bay.

Thanks to the city's vaguely centralized location on the continent as well as its position at the land crossing between the major cities of Anthem and Overture, Adamopolis is considered to be Illuminatia's most significant transportation hub for ground and air-based transit.

As of the 250 AI Census, Adamopolis had a population of 9,659,598 residents. The city has experienced stable growth since then and it is estimated the city will have a population more than 14,000,000 by the 300 AI Census, or an increase of approximately 150% within 50 AU.

As the continent's predominant center for the communication, information, media, and publishing industries, Adamopolis has a concentration of print and broadcast media entities based here. The VB network is headquartered in Adamopolis. The city's largest newspaper, the Adamopolis Times, publishes to a continent-wide audience. Adamopolis Today also pulls a respectable local audience. The city's leading non-profit newspaper is the Adamopolis Independent.

Adamopolis is home to a significant concentration of major educational institutions, including its largest, Adamopolitan University, the region's dominant institution of secondary and tertiary education, which specializes in cross-disciplinary education and the liberal arts. Other institutions include the Recreational Science Institute—a quaternary education facility known for its focuses in the natural sciences and technology, and the Intuitive Social Arts Academy—a tertiary/quaternary institution known for its psychology curriculum.

A significant number of technological, light industrial, and financial corporations are also based here, making Adamopolis a major player in those industries as well. RGB Photography, Ltd calls downtown Adamopolis home. Grand Opolis Bank is a major banking institution particularly for commercial finance. The city is represented in the National Sportsball League by two competing teams, the larger and more dominant Adamopolis Smegheads and its crosstown rival, the Adamopolis Adequateers.

Adamopolis owes its unsurpassable dominance to the densely-spaced siting of multiple landings from the Lucidus mission. The vast majority of modules from the Lucidus I ship landed in close proximity in the vicinity of Adamopolis, leading to a rapid increase in population density at the resultant settlements. Very quickly, multiple settlements were incorporated into one unitary city, bringing Adamopolis into existence as a city with an advantage not enjoyed nearly as extensively by any other major city seeded by multiple landings.

Adamopolis was settled by a multiversal duplication of many of the same people who settled Rhapsody and Serenade, which explains the complimentary dominance of these three cities. The modules that landed in Adamopolis were from the same ship as the modules that landed in Rhapsody and Serenade and in many cases were the same exact modules. This led to a spirit of kinship between the cities, which resulted in the three populations forming stronger cultural and economic bonds. This explains why Adamopolis's significant population boom and concentration of capital was echoed on these two dominant cities on Illuminatia's western and northern coasts.

Adamopolis was named in recognition of the historical figure prominently situated in Illuminatian lore as the first captain of the Lucidus mission, Captain Adamex.