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The Adamopolis Times

Adamopolis Times Logo.png

11 Helium Avenue, Adamopolis

Industry: Publishing

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Daily newspaper, local and continental editions

Specialties: Journalism, mainstream and popular news, news analysis


  • Local edition: 2,198,940
  • Regional edition: 1,560,000
  • Continental edition: 4,866,667
  • Total circulation: 8,625,606
  • Total readership: 28,075,759

Revenue: 14,734,797μ/AU

Newsstand Price: 30mμ (local), 31mμ (regional and continental)

Motto: "All the Intelligence That's Suitable to Disseminate"

The Adamopolis Times is a major daily newspaper published in the city of Adamopolis The Times enjoys continent-wide circulation. Readers in all corners of Illuminatia turn to The Times as a newspaper-of-record regarding Illuminatia's most significant news events. Locked in a rivalry with Voston's Vos Valley News, the Times has a circulation and readership figure that usually consistently first or second of all newspapers in Illuminatia.

The Times features world-class journalism recognized as the gold standard of reporting in Illuminatia. The Times has bureaus in many major cities across the continent, with a concentration of reporters in the Randall Bay Megalopolitan Complex.

The Times publishes three editions: a local edition, focusing on regional reporting relevant primarily to the Adamopolis metropolitan area; a regional edition, focused on the Randall Bay region; and a continental edition, with content relevant to readers across Illuminatia yet remaining somewhat centric to the happenings and culture of the southeastern reaches of the continent. The Times's continent-wide readership does concentrate notably in the Randall Bay megalopolis.

At last report, the local edition enjoys a daily circulation of 2,198,940. The regional edition has a daily circulation of 1,560,000. The continental edition reaches a daily circulation of 4,866,667. The circulation for all three editions totals 28,075,759 while the newspaper's total readership among editions totals 28,075,759, taking into account the number of readers each circulated copy of the paper is surveyed to reach. These figures put The Times squarely ahead of Vos Valley News for circulation and readership. The Times's local readership averages an impressive 60% of the total population of Adamopolis. Continent-wide, roughly 10% of Illuminatians read The Times.

The Times prints its motto, "All the Intelligence That's Suitable to Disseminate," on its masthead every day. The Times publishes from its Helium Avenue headquarters at the very center of Adamopolis, towering directly across the street from Adamopolis's city hall. The Times employs more journalists than any other newspaper in Illuminatia.

The newspaper earns 14,734,797μ in revenue per AU. Approximately 20% to 33% of The Times's revenue comes from advertising, while 67% to 80% of revenue comes directly from circulation, depending on whether figures are based upon the local, regional, or continental edition. The newsstand price of The Times is 30mμ, with a generous 70% subscription discount on the local edition and a 60% subscription discount on the regional and continental editions relative to the newsstand price.

The Times publishes a comprehensive look at mainstream and popular news to both its continental and its local audience with selective news analysis, leaving the market open to other prestigious newspapers to report more in-depth political news or for other publications to produce news that falls outside the mainstream. In Adamopolis, the primary publication filling the void for local news is Adamopolis Today. Thanks to the voracious news appetite instilled in the Illuminatian culture, all of these varieties of publications have a valuable share of the media market.

The Times, along with Adamopolis Today and a couple of magazines, was a founding member and organizer of the Adamopolis periodicals distribution system and continues to maintain full Periodicals Circulation License-paying membership in the distribution system.