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Secondary education is the first level of higher education in Illuminatia. It is the first stage of non-compulsory formal education. Secondary education instruction takes place most commonly at a college or university. Secondary education, as with all levels of education, is publicly funded by the Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE). The BEE oversees secondary education standards and practices.

A secondary education equates to the college level of most modern western Earthly education systems. A secondary education diploma equates to the same level of achievement as a person obtaining an associate's or bachelor's degree in that western system. The vast majority of secondary educational institutions are publicly managed and operate on a non-profit basis. For-profit secondary educational institutions exist, but are exceedingly rare and mostly cater to niche markets.

Attendance at a secondary educational institution is not permitted for an individual until they have reached their personal age of majority. Attendance at a primary educational institution is mandatory through that age. After that age, an individual is no longer permitted to further pursue a primary education and anyone who wishes to continue education may transition to a secondary education. There is no maximum allowable age limit for a person to attend a secondary educational institution.

Following graduation from a secondary educational institution, a person is qualified to transition to the tertiary level of education, which is often provided through the same university. One may also choose to enter the labor force, and receives BEE assistance with career placement.