Randall Bay

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Randall Bay

Location of Randall Bay in Illuminatia

Randall Bay is an ocean basin adjacent to and largely surrounded by the continent of Illuminatia. Its shores represent the most densely populated region of Illuminatia. Randall Bay was home to the largest density of Lucidus landings of any region in Illuminatia, resulting in a sizeable number of settlements upon the bay's shores.

Randall Bay is bounded to its northeast by the lands of the Timmons Peninsula and to its southwest by the Modal Peninsula. Randall Bay is flanked by the Randall Bay Megalopolitan Complex, a large region of major cities situated on close proximity to one another. The bay nearly bisects the megalopolitan complex, with portions of the urban region on the bay's northern and southern shores.

Adamopolis is situated at the bay's most interior extent, where the Adamopolitan River and the Vostonian River empty into the bay. These two rivers are the bay's two most significant river systems.

Other major cities situated on the shores of Randall Bay include Anthem, Overture, Melody, and Maiden Voyage.

It is not yet fully understood which of the qualities possessed by Randall Bay were the ones that influenced the automated guidance processes aboard the Lucidus spacecraft to target this region for a disproportionately large number of its landings. A significant proportion of Lucidus landings also found the continents opposing coastlines, resulting in successful settlement, negating any hypotheses involving the mission's non-knowledge of Illuminatia's other ocean basins. What has become apparent from history is that the density of Lucidus landings here and the suitable geography and climate allowed humans to thrive and proliferate here in great numbers.