Adamopolis Adequateers

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The Adamopolis Adequateers

Sportsball Illustration 5.png

150 South 1st Street, Adamopolis

Industry: Athletic Entertainment

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Sportsball, professional

Home Attendance: 1,032,000/AU

Revenue: 438,000μ/AU

Ticket Price: 0.23μ


  • 40 active athletes
  • 45 standby athletes

The Adamopolis Adequateers is a professional major-league sportsball club based in on the south side of Adamopolis, affiliated with the National Sportsball League. The Adequateers is the secondary NSBL-affiliate sportsball team in Adamopolis, with cross-town rival Adamopolis Smegheads serve as the city's larger, dominant team.

The Adequateers is a for-profit corporation, owner of the 100,000-seat Okay Stadium at 150 South 1st Street. The stadium is located across the river from downtown Adamopolis. The team serves as the favored home team for residents on the south side of the Adamopolitan metropolitan area.

The team hosts an average of 15 home games per season. The Adequateers plays a larger proportion of its A-team games as three-sided games, which is more than the typical large major-league sportsball team. This is partially a consequence of the Adequateers's underdog status relative to the Smegheads.

Adaqueteers fans enjoy thorough coverage of their team by the Adamopolis Independent, the city's third-largest newspaper. The Independent is recognized for its superior coverage of the Adaqueteers's home and away games.

The Adequateers employs a total of 85 athletes and earns a revenue of 438,000μ/AU from an average home game attendance of 2,431,900/AU. The team receives a smaller proportion of its proceeds from broadcast rights and merchandise compared to dominant teams like the Smegheads. The Adequateers also charges a lower ticket price, at 0.23μ for general admission to its A, B, and C-team games.

The team's mascot is Adequatius the Adequate.